Writing activities for the mitten by jan brett illustrations

As a matter of fact, I have been on winter break since December 2nd and we do not return until January 3rd I know How did Nicki find his mitten? Discuss with students other things that they should wear in the winter.

My goal is to put a new classroom book out on display in the hallway at least once a month. Now this might sound like a complaint, but it certainly is not! Day 5 Companion Rhyme: Review the beginning, middle, and end of the story by having students assist in the writing of a short 3 sentence summary.

Using cut outs of a mitten and the animal characters, have students assist in an oral retelling of the story. I told them to be as creative and silly as they wanted. Day 2 Companion Rhyme: Day 3 Companion Rhyme: Why do you think the animals inside the mitten keep allowing other animals to enter?

Where would the animals usually be during the winter? Take a look at my life as a first grade teacher in an awesome Wisconsin school!

The Mitten

You can find these animals masks by clicking HERE! As students brainstorm items we should wear in winter, either have pre-made clothing that you can attach to the child cut out or draw the clothing on. I hope you are able to use these ideas in your classroom.

Thanks for stopping by. I suggest saving them to your flashdrive or computer, just in case you lose track of the website in the future.

Students fill in the boxes with high-frequency words. Here is an activity I use with my Kindergarten students: Students can also color and cut out their own mitten and characters during small group time today.

Show a cut out of a child. Why do you think the animals want to be inside his mitten? Reread- Shared Reading Focus Story: Creative Teaching Press, So far, I have been successful this year!

We used a bed sheet as "the mitten. Have students act out the story using the animal masks from yesterday.

30 Activities, Crafts, and Printables for The Mitten by Jan Brett

Reread with a focus on comprehension. So anyway, I focus less on Christmas and more on winter in general when we return in January. Introduce title, author, cover; Read aloud having students make predictions as to how the kittens correct each mistake that they make. This year, I had some student volunteers just hold the sheet.The Mitten by Jan Brett Picture walk making sure to discuss the detailed illustrations on the main portion of the pages and on the borders of each page (setting, clothing, animals) stopping before last page; Read aloud for enjoyment and to see how story ends.

Day 2. Interactive Writing. Dec 11,  · Winter Writing Activity: "The Mitten" (FREEBIE!) 1 - I read aloud The Mitten by Jan Brett.

(Believe it or not, I picked my copy up last year at Sam's Club for a lesser price than, say, Barnes and Noble.) 4 - The students completed an.

A collection of projects and activities of books for kids, and classroom activities and lesson plans for teachers about particular subjects, curriculum areas, themes and professional topics. Author Jan Brett's Free Coloring, Video and Activity Pages.

Help with Printing. Free PDF Reader Click on each letter for the full-sized print or click on the link under the artwork for a PDF version. Activities To Go With Jan Brett's Story The Mitten Share: Come Read The Mitten and Do Mitten Craftivities With Me!

Her illustrations are nothing short of spectacular. To see her at work in her studio, click on this YouTube video link. It's only 3 minutes long and very interesting.

+ 2 graphing activities; 2 mitten writing prompts. Books by Jan Brett have been huge favorites in our house, especially her story The killarney10mile.com illustrations are simply amazing, and there are many activities that can be done to encourage learning as we read: sequencing, animal habitats, and so much more!

Writing activities for the mitten by jan brett illustrations
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