Vox tonelab manual

I began with clean tones, beginning with the models based on the clean Fender-like tones and moving through the range of Vox models. The chan- nel LEDs located above the pedal will light accordingly green when channel A is selected, red when channel B is selected.

There are 16 amp models just like the amps, but the Tone Lab also includes 11 cabinet model types in addition to 50 effects and 96 programs. It is very solid, well built and cool looking. It also has all the basic effects you would expect.

Any of these modules can be added to or removed from the signal chain by means of a small pushbutton by each rotary switch.

Absolutely not, BUT if I needed to play a gig and wanted to have a wide range of tonal colors to choose from, Vox tonelab manual Valvetronix would be the first pick and do more than just an adequate job — Vox tonelab manual fact, its tones would bring a smile to my face — just like my old classics do everytime I play them.

With the factory settings, banks 1—8 contain a total of 32 preset programs.

Trimming the tube on the Tonelab LE

Now with that said, will it replace my fine, though modest collection of vintage Marshall, Vox, Hiwatt, and Fender amplifiers? The output transformer and tube section no doubt play a big role as well in achieving the great tones and feel I achieved from the Valvetronix.

The five chicken-head rotary switches at the top of the control panel correspond to the amp model and four effects modules. The function of the control footswitch and the expression pedal varies according to the patch selected.

Same goes with modern amps and this is due to circuit changes that have been made throughout a life cycle, etc.

I also enjoyed running the treble-boost pedal model in front of the Vox models and got a mix of a fatter midrangy-tone with a crisp top end that retained its smoothness. Next to the amp model selector is the small cab button.

Vox Valvetronix ToneLab SE user manual

However, with that said, the sounds that I achieved when wanting a good standout rhythm at lower-gain or lead tone at high-gain, were all there and quite enjoyable to use.

For techies interested, this is how Vox describes the design: Its a great design. Vox positions the Tonelab at the upper end of the modeling echelon however, and includes its Valve Reactor circuit with its glowing tube that further differentiates it from the competition.

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The sound and tweakability of the effects section is simply adequate and not as strong in quality as the models. While most units of Vox tonelab manual type rely completely on digital modelling, the Tonelab does the initial tone shaping and amp modelling in the digital domain before the signal passes into a valve power-amp circuit.

The highlights are still the squishy overdrive and tightly focused mid-range of the Vox AC15 model, the UK Blues model turn everything up full for best results! However in certain contexts one would probably be unable to know if one was hearing a model or the real thing.

Some of the detail of the models is truly remarkable like the rectifier sag you can actually hear in the cranked vintage tweed Fender model for example.

If desired, you can also connect an external effect processor; Even with the output level control and the individual patch levels at the max, the unit still seems considerably quieter than other similar products. The blackface and tweed models were among my favorites that the Valvetronix offered.

There were also a couple of instances where I wish I could have dialed up a bit more midrange or top end, but for the most part, the equalization is very finely tunable.

This configuration takes some getting used to as most combos are open back and therefore have a wider dispersion of tones emanating from the backside. The ADVTX also has all the familiar onboard effects that are operated with push buttons and knobs, again, all in a very analog and easy-to-use fashion.

Like its larger brother, the Tonelab LE has a lot more stereo post-cabinet effects than the original Tonelab. For recommended combinations of amp type and cabinet type, refer to p.Find great deals on eBay for Vox Tonelab in Multi-Effects Guitar Pedals.

Shop with confidence. Vox Tonelab – The power of Valvetronix – but specialized for direct recording Vox recently unveiled its Tonelab direct recording device and in doing so is competing head to head with a veritable range of other direct-recording modeling devices. Vox was smart enough to specify in the manual the precise brand of cabinet as well as speakers used in their various emulations.

I compared the ToneLab against two actual cabinets: a custom Black 2×12 with Celestion G12H30s and a Marshall UKV30 4× Vox Tonelab LE Manuals & User Guides. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Vox Tonelab LE Music Pedal.

Database contains 1 Vox Tonelab LE Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Owner's manual.

Vox Valvetronix ToneLab SE Owner's Manual

Jun 05,  · Alan, the secret's in the title, "Trimming The Tube on the Tonelab LE" ;D Somewhere in the manual for the SE (two pedals) model it tells you how to trim the tube for an improved performance.

This is for Alan mainly, it's a link to one of the Tonelab Service Manuals. Hi all,Up for sale is a Vox Tonelab SE multi-effects pedal. Sounds and works great, and has many, many effects and features. Effects include multiple.

Vox tonelab manual
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