Thoughts on moral values in english

Every bad situation will have something positive, Even a stopped clock shows correct time twice a day. One of these moral lessons was learned while I was a varsity football player. There would be less violence and fighting in school if students could learn this moral virtue.

What about other times when students are caught cheating on exams? Knowledge gained in school is only one goal of education. The Winners says that it may be difficult but possible; The Losers says that it may be possible but too difficult. Success is ninety percent about your attitude and ten percent about your talents.

I still believe in the motto, "united we stand and divided we fall. Unfortunately, in our highly competitive dog eat dog society, many people will tread on others to get ahead in life. Jesus Christ taught us to forgive our enemies or people who hurt us.

Know God, know peace. Hard work tills it: Anger in most cases is caused by an unwillingness to forgive. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river. It was here first. When time never waits for us, Then why do we always wait for the right time??

Kind words can be easy and short to speak but there echoes are truly endless. Listen to others but use your own judgement. It would serve society well if the following seven moral values for students were taught in schools: That is basically the essence of moral values education.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. The more experiments you make the better. Compassion is defined as being sensitive to the needs of people. Success is the problem but failure is the formula. The world owes you nothing.

Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn to do things the right way. Relationship is like a book, it takes few seconds to burn but years to write. There is enough for every man need but not enough for one man greed.

If there were more compassion in the world, there would be less homeless, hunger, wars, and unhappiness. Our team had just lost a tough game because the referee had ruled we were stopped inches away from scoring a touchdown.

Then, too, we read about bullying in school and fights between gangs. Students must be taught that dishonesty and cheating are wrong, and will get you nowhere in the future.

Values act as fertilizers: Others ideas are your raw materials. Seldom do I hear or read about moral values as being part of the curriculum. These bad examples range from sexual promiscuity, degrading of women, advocacy of violence, and the condoning of dishonesty in order to succeed. Discipline is like pesticides.

Honor has been the reward for what he gave. This, however, is not the real meaning of love.

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How many times have we heard about school shootings? This makes it hard to plan the day.

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Winners never quit and quitters never win. This is because most mothers and fathers in their busy work days spend only a few hours with their children.

With more love in the world, kindness will follow and replace cruelty.Moral Values for Students: A Necessary Part of the Curriculum. Top Seven Moral Values: It would serve society well if the following seven moral values for students were taught in schools: 1.

Unconditional Love and Kindness: In most cases, if you love someone, he or she will love you back in return. This, however, is not the real meaning of love.

So they became swingers. The dead fucking the dead. There was no gamble or humor in their game -it was corpse fucking corpse. Morals were restrictive, but they were grounded on human experience down through the centuries. Some morals tended to keep people slaves in factories, in churches and true to the State.

Other morals simply made good. MORAL, VALUES AND MORAL VALUES A.

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Some Definition of Moral Values In this chapter, the writer will try to give some theories that related with moral, Value and moral Value. 1. Moral Based on “Webster New World Dictionary of American Language”, Moral is thing that related with skill to decide.

40 Best Thought For The Day For Students. By: Abroad. In: Life, School/Colleges. 14; 4; Tweet Pin It. According to experts, many thoughts can boost student’s mood and take them back to right path of success and achievement. Moral Values Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers.

“The first principle of value that we need to rediscover is this: that all reality hinges on moral foundations. In other words, that this is a moral universe, and that there are moral laws of the universe just as abiding as the physical laws.

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Thoughts on moral values in english
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