The gift of tongues displayed in the book of acts essay


This would seem to decrease, if not eliminate entirely, the possibility that the gift of tongues utilizes or is equal to the tongues of angels. When you look at the background of this festival it brings more meaning to the event in Acts chapter 2.

This view, then, could not must allow for a belief in a different kind of angelic tongue and this would, at least, be consistent with Jewish tradition. Felicitas Goodman studied a number of Pentecostal communities in the United States, the Caribbean, and Mexico; these included English- Spanish- and Mayan-speaking groups.

Edification without the mind is not an option in this context. The use of the article of previous reference hai and the inferential conjunction "so then" hoste also support the linking of the two "tongues" together as being of the same nature.

Since it clearly refers to a known human language there, we should assume this usage in the context of 1 Corinthians. They were turning a blessing into a curse. In addition to this, Paul probably knew the nature of the tongues at Pentecost and was aware that they were speaking in the known languages of the foreign visitors that were present in Jerusalem.

When he was caught up to Paradise 2 Cor. The church at Corinth was to learn an important lesson from this event in OT history.

Inhe moved to Houston and opened a Bible school there. First, the word "spirit" should be understood as the human spirit and not the Holy Spirit since it would be inappropriate to refer to the Holy Spirit as "my Spirit", using the personal pronoun v.

The hypothetical aspect is attached to speaking in the tongues of angels since Paul definitely did speak in the tongues of men Greek, Aramaic, Hebrew, etc.

As we begin to examine this view, we will start with an evaluation of the other notable occurrences of tongues in the book of Acts. In an evaluation of the present phenomenon of the tongues movement, the data presented in Acts needs to be carefully examined.

There was also the practical advantage of communicating the gospel to the pilgrims in Jerusalem in their own languages so that they might take it back to their own regions. Thus, the other uses of this word by Luke in Acts refer to human language and this gives support for the same meaning in Acts 2: This all makes perfectly good sense if they were speaking in a foreign language which no one present knew unless it was interpreted.

We are now in a better position to evaluate the meaning of the word glossa translated "tongues" in its plural form in Acts 2: The issue is whether or not Paul in 1 Corinthians is presenting a different kind of "tongues", a "gift of tongues", which is distinct from the tongues in Acts, or are they the same in nature.

The conversion of Cornelius The unique experience of the Jerusalem church at Pentecost in Acts 2 occurred in similarly public and significant ways for non-Jews in Acts If angelic measurements are the same as human measurements cf. Tongues without interpretation do not edify because no one knows what is being said.

Also two people with the gift of tongues have been asked to interpret the same recorded tongues message and came out with two entirely different interpretations. Yarnell says, This wondrous event had a significant impact upon Peter. Then, Peter and the Jewish believers "were hearing them speaking with tongues and exalting God" v.

The evidence shows that Paul had numerous opportunities to speak in tongues as a sign to unbelievers, and that he was free to use his gift in their public meetings when an interpreter was available, either he or another interpreting.Spiritual Gifts of Tongues and Interpretation.

The spiritual gift of tongues is more accurately called the gift of languages. The Greek word for tongues is glossa, which literally means “tongue.”When it is used in the New Testament addressing the subject of spiritual gifts it carries the contextual meaning of “languages.”.


Glossolalia or speaking in tongues is a phenomenon in which people appear The biblical account of Pentecost in the second chapter of the book of Acts describes the sound of a mighty rushing wind and Others assert that the gift in Acts was "not a different phenomenon" but the same gift being displayed under varying.

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The Gift of Tongues Displayed in the Book of Acts Essay Sample

Don Allard Liberty University September 23, In summary, the evidence found in the book of Acts argues that the gift of tongues at Pentecost and elsewhere was a known human language, not unintelligible ecstatic speech. II. GLOSSOLALIA IN 1 CORINTHIANS.

The gift of tongues displayed in the book of acts essay
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