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When working in partnership with other organisations, sharing training opportunities, not only develops and bands the partnership but also allows me to access extra, relevant training, which might not be available through my own organisation.

The main benefits of reflective practice are: The author has developed a clear vision of improving her existing skills in order to achieve desired career growth. And perhaps, what do you wish your actions showed you stand for? How will I evaluate each step or strategy? I should be learning from my experiences and applying this newfound knowledge to future circumstances.

Personal development is about developing personal qualities and skills needed to live and work with others. By reviewing my initial understanding of the problem and reflecting another solution to the situation can be formulated. What are they key areas I want or need to develop to remain proficient in my profession?

Explain the importance of reflective practice to improve performance.


What are the steps or strategies I will take? Greater depth of knowledge in the health and social care profile Completion of the training and the development program offered by the organisation Regional training centre Support of the experienced employees Course assessment Appraisal report from the supervisors Post the appraisal report To have a perfect introduction with the team and also to build their trust factor on me.

Training and development needs should be identified and followed up throughout the year. Be able to improve performance through reflective practice 4. In case of the author self-managed learning has help her in identifying her strengthens and weakness by performing an audit of her personal skills.

This allows the practitioner to redesign what you are doing whilst doing it. This enables the challenging of poor practice and allows improvements to be achieved more easily. I should use them in a constructive way to identify areas for improvement.

Personal and Professional Development - Essay Example

After the work shop test my knowledge and skills. By producing a written evaluation detailing training attended and any qualifications gained, my role and responsibilities, personal experiences ect.

Good practice requires time to evolve and progress and it is therefore vital to evaluate performance against best practice benchmarks.d career/professional development 15 Conclusion 16 References 17 Introduction Personal and professional development plan is a need for every individual as it allows the individual to groom their skills and abilities on a continuous mode (Cottrell, ).

Strategic Development Plan for Next 2 to 3 Year 19 Bibliography 21 Personal and Professional Development Task 1 1. Abstract Personal and professional development is the most important concept for the long term career development. Personal and Professional Development in care settings Learning Outcome LO1 Understand how personal values and principles influence individual contributions to work in health and social care settings Compare personal values and principles with the principles of support for working in health and social care 1.

Personal and professional development plan sample essay 1. Personal and Professional development Plan Sample Essay Activities Done Personal Development involves holistic advancement of various attributes of an individual.

- Personal Development Plan This report is a personal development plan that shows an evaluation of current skills and knowledge that includes my strengths and weaknesses. Development is a lifelong of nurturing, shaping and improving an individual's skills, knowledge and interests to ensure my maximum effectiveness and adaptability, and to.

Free Essay: Level 4 Diploma in Business and Professional Administration Unit – PPD1 Personal and professional development Contents 1. Introduction Page 3.

Personal professional development 2 essay
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