Landing page case study web design

AvidXchange took a multi-layered approach to optimizing and testing its landing page to change a number of elements. Why is it only mentioned for the first time on the footer? Here are the illustrations created for this aim. The story is a good way to catch the attention of the potential customers and the beautiful custom graphics increase the chances of the pleasant impression from it.

Call-to-action buttons this time were not colored in the other Landing page case study web design and featured only shapes of the buttons to make them look more business-like. Kontain Android Application The application was created to provide the community on Kontain.

AvidXchange Gains Insight on Sales Funnel Position AvidXchange provides a solution for invoice and payment automation, and it has traditionally done well with internal marketing.

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The improved version focused on what mattered more to car owners — getting the lowest rate. Last but not least, the animation was added to show the way all elements interact with each other and to represent the live view. To distribute the ownership, users earn tokens by doing work.

The city is filled with various sights so it was the difficult choice to make. Since the pages are focused on the name of the city, short copy is placed at the left bottom part of the page.

We used here the same pattern as in the services section — white text sheets, the user has previously seen and so can identify a place for the most important information.

There always exist the basic topics you can enhance such as typographycomposition, color or when it comes to the other side — self-development and work process improvement. Most of these cases have been prepared by professional studios, and, as a beginner, you will be able to see how professionals work during the presentation of projects.

The content is neatly spaced out so that every portion of text can be quickly scanned and read. Working out this wish the designer developed the other version. The main gradients were yellow-orange-red, pink-purple, vivid cyan-blue. The final option had calmer gradient combinations in the middle, where company name and slogan were located, to keep readability at a high level.

The second version using brighter color scheme So the designer worked out the versions of the full page, which featured all the changes the customer wanted to see.

Full case study here The Takeaway The first banner focused on convenience, counting the steps to get a rate quote. From reading the landing page, visitors understand the gist of what PitStop does and where it is located Increased number of incoming leads volunteering, catering, and speakers Scope There is plenty of work that can be done in terms of general structure, copy, and visual aspect of the Pit Stop website while validating that work on actual data and user researchand I do want to get back to this in the future.

The word is harmonically inscribed into the thematic picture with deep and magnificent Nordic forest. The team uncovers the workflow step by step. We decided to build the services section based on them, placing each group on a separate text sheet.

Case Study: Big City Guide. Landing Page Design

The second part of the page was also very important to include. Sketching and Wireframing The work started from UX wireframing when the straightforward structure has been chosen. The vital part of any city guide is the description copy. The essential thing to do in this part was to make them distinctive from the other content, again catchy and easy to read.

The objective set for the visual design was to convey the mood and the atmosphere via one photo for each city. HTC The agency has built the website with the brand in mind.Community Kitchen Landing Page—A UX Case Study Stepping back to reflect on a website’s target audience and goals.

From reading the landing page, visitors understand the gist of what PitStop does and where it is located Web Design; Case Study; UI; Nonprofit; Like what you read?

Case Study: Magic.Co. Creative UI Design for a Landing Page

Give Laura Cunha a round of applause. Impressive Case Study Examples in Web Design. Inspiration • Websites Examples 9 minutes. Impressive Case Study Examples in Web Design.

Case Study: Magic.Co. Creative Landing Page Design

Andrian Valeanu. Jeffrey Kalmikoff redesigned the outward-facing website, landing pages, products pages, press page, team page, blog, etc. as well as gave some artistic twists to items of brand.

Impressive Case Study Examples in Web Design

Design case study on web design showing the creative process for landing page presenting Big City Guide, web service informing travelers about diverse cities of. Amazing case studies pages design. Web Desing Design Web Case Study Design Desktop Design Web Design Inspiration Interface Design User Interface Website Designs Art Direction.

Case Study page by Unity We love how crisp and clean this landing page is designed.

Case study: Designing landing page.

It's genius! We know how hard it is to design something that looks so. Let’s check out 5 landing page design case studies: Case Study #1: BettingExpert Adds Value Betting Expert is an online sports betting site, looking to. Ecommerce Ville: Landing Page UX Design Case Study.

Our task was to design a landing page for a web development company whose aim was to promote WooCommerce development services to ecommerce owners.

Landing page case study web design
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