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Exactly what aspects of the bodybuilding training approach mean that it is less dangerous are unclear. Several individuals reported sustaining more than one type of injury and a total of injuries were reported, of which 9 needed surgery.

Since 98 powerlifting injuries occurred during this time, the rate of injury was 0. The researchers found that the low back was the most commonly-injured area. The injury rate was 4.

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The researchers concluded that injury rate is low compared to other weightlifting disciplines such as powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting or strongman. This time period is highly variable and can be over short or long periods of time e. The researchers observed that strongman athletes were 1.

The Sport of Powerlifting

He was a strongman on stage shows put on by Florenz Ziegfeld Anderson 1. Quinney assessed the incidence and nature of injury among 31 elite powerlifters. First off, we start with Eugene Sandow who is known as an early strongman and the first actual bodybuilder. Sandow put on strength performances, some of which included him walking across the stage with a pound pony held over his head in only one arm, with his neck and shoulders supporting the length of the specimen!

He achieved 1, at a bodyweight of pounds American Strength Legends 2. Then, he or she must lock out their knees and make their back erect.

Weight Lifting

The researchers found that the average subject had participated in 4. The injury incidence is the percentage of Essays on powerlifting population who experience an injury over a certain time period.

A spectacular display of strength and gymnastics was shown by Eugene doing a back somersault off the ground, holding pound dumbbells in each hand Anderson 2.

Hackenschmidt was known substantially for his thick, muscularity and as a professional wrestler who won over matches without a loss. In their review, Fisher picked up on similar ideas and suggested that training variables might be important modifying factors for injury. Long-distance running was one of the first sporting pastimes to be extensively explored.

Over the years before the first competition, odd-lift competitions were put on. They found that Generally, training volumes are thought to be higher in endurance sports than in strength sports. Studies were only included in this review where an injury rate per 1, hours of training was calculated and presented.

These training volumes appear similar to those used in strength sports. Across both sports and across both time periods, the subjects incurred 2.

He or she has to just be good overall in each lift. Some of the odd-lifts were the bench press, chin-ups, deadlift, curls, squats, and push-ups Hatfield 5. The rate of injury ranges between 0. They defined injury as any physical damage leading to a missed or modified training session or competition.

The rate of injury during various strength sports, including strongman, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, bodybuilding and other types of competitive strength-related activities is summarized in the table below and set out in the following studies. They recruited strongman athletes with Various rationales have been suggested.

Haykowsky assessed the incidence and nature of injury among 11 elite blind powerlifters 9 males and 2 females. Just as every other sport, it had to start somewhere and powerlifting has a few rules that imply, as well.

The most commonly injured regions were the shoulder, low back and knee. The sport that asks a person to literally go beyond what they can do is powerlifting. At first, the 3 main lifts to get a total were the bench press, curl, and squat. The most commonly-occurring injury locations for strength athletes are the low back and shoulder.

Eugene could also raise a pound barbell over his head with just one arm. The researchers found that the rate of injury was 3. To start, with the bench, a competitor must lower the bar to his or her chest. In their study, Siewe proposed that bodybuilding tends to use slower and more controlled movements, as well as smaller loads.Weightlifting is one of the sports in the Olympic Games.

The chief item in weightlifting is the barbell, a steel rod to which plates (also called disks) of different weights may be attached by means of clamps called spin-lock collars/5(3). Powerlifting Princess - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay.

While playing middle school basketball, I realized this sport wasn't for me. That meant that during the Winter I had to find another sport to fill in where basketball would be. Power lifting is something that will help you look and feel better.

It will also help you perform better in sports. For it to work the best you need to eat good and lift on a regular basis.


To start do not be afraid of the amount of weight you are going to lift. Essays Related to Power Lifting. 1. Athletes and lifting.3/5(2). Powerlifting is an invigorating sport of strength, power, and speed. Unlike most sports, powerlifting gets at the heart of the most basic of all athletic qualities-strength.

Over the years before the first competition, odd-lift competitions were put on. Since 98 powerlifting injuries occurred during this time, the rate of injury was injuries per 1, hours training.

The researchers found that the low back was the most commonly-injured area. All Nonfiction Bullying Books Academic Author Interviews Celebrity interviews College Articles College Essays Educator of the Year Heroes Interviews Memoir Personal Powerlifting allows me to.

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