Culture of hec pakistan

Letter from Saudi Company depending on nature of profession on Iqama, a copy of the letter is attached in the link. Degrees which are earned by private studies or by distance learning will not be Attested by Saudi Culture or Saudi Embassy. Requirements of Saudi Embassy are; 1 Letter from Saudi Company depending on nature of profession on Iqama address to Saudi Consulate, a copy of the letter is attached in the link.

Every student in every public sector university today has access to 45, textbooks research monographs from international publishers as well as to 25, international research journals - regarded as one of the best digital libraries anywhere in the world.

In an article entitled "Pakistan Threat to Indian Science" published in the leading daily newspaper Hindustan Times, India, it has been reported that Prof. In his article entitled "Ata ur Rehman school of Thought" he has strongly supported the reforms brought about by the dynamic and focused policies of the Higher Education Commission under the leadership of Atta-ur-Rahman.

Collaboration: EU, HEC to promote research culture

It was reported that as result of the reforms brought about in Pakistan " Pakistan may soon join China in giving India serious competition in science". If someone has a different experience so please share with all. For Urdu Readers, click here for details. Valid Passport Colored Copy.

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By Laws of Saudi Culture Mission, you cannot send this courier to anywhere else. Established the finest Digital Library in Pakistan: In the 2nd stage interactive lectures from foreign universities will be arranged.

It is a one day process for which I had to visit Islamabad. He emphasised that Pakistan would be interested in academic linkages in different areas of socio-economic importance.

Massive anti- PPP demonstration broke out in all over the country over this issue in and student unions gathered in the federal government installations to oppose the merger.

Capital Zam Zam

The chairman shared significant investments of the commission towards development of institutional facilities and human resource including faculty, introduction of new disciplines in market based technologies, improvement in research facilities, enhancement of technological infrastructure, Pakistan Education and Research Network, digital library, and linkages with different foreign universities.

Higher Education Commission HEC and European Union EU will identify specific areas of mutual interest for increasing interaction among academia and researchers through collaboration in higher education.

To Zoom click here.To Facilitate Institutions of Higher Learning to serve as an Engine of Socio-Economic Development of Pakistan.

Degree Attestation from Pakistan for Saudi Arabia

Degree Attestation from Saudi Embassy/Saudi Culture We provide our customers the ease of getting their Documents Verification and Degree Attestation from Saudi Embassy/Saudi Culture based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC), formerly the University Grant Commission, is the primary regulator of higher education in Pakistan. In Pakistan, up tillUniversities were recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) which draws its powers from The University Grants Commission Act, Degree Attestation from HEC Capital Zam Zam Services are providing very useful information for the people who wants to attest their degrees from Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.

HEC is basically main regulatory/independent institution who actually verifies the degrees of all the universities in Pakistan.

Higher Education Commission (Pakistan)

The delegates expressed their appreciation of the role of HEC in developing human resource of the country and promoting research culture through various initiatives.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 15 th, Degree with the stamp of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) will be considered good for attestation of Saudi Culture Office. Requirements for Saudi Culture Office are; Original Job contract/ offer Letter Attested from MOFA and Chamber of Commerce (KSA).

Culture of hec pakistan
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