Concert review paper

Jot down all the key elements you recall, especially the ones that moved you the most, then fill in the details for each. How did the band sound in it? Was it the type of show were you would get yelled at if you spoke a single word, or were you allowed to talk with your friends and sing along if you so desired?

If you managed to follow all five steps and answer all of those questions with more then a Yes or No, you probably have a pretty decent concert review. What did you think about the venue? Add in whether the band played to a packed house and kept the crowd pleased and entertained, or if the venue was only half full but the crowd still appreciative.

There you have it!

How to Write a Concert Review

What were your favorite songs of the night? We love to hear what actual fans think about the shows they attend, not what some critic thinks about a band they have never even listened to before.

Where did you see them? The more reviews you write, the better the writing gets and the more opportunities that arise, such as potentially interviewing artists when they visit your town.

Write down how each song makes you feel as well as the energy of any solos performed by band members, or spoken messages the lead singer makes. Advance listening of the songs helps you get the titles correct in your notes. Facts, fairness and capturing the energy of the show in words set your reviews apart from the rest.

Would you go see this band again? Getting Published If your goal is to write a concert review for publication, start by freelancing for local publications such as free weekly newspapers or a college newspaper.

How much about the band do you know? Have you ever seen them before? Advance Homework Many concerts, especially for larger touring acts, are used to promote current albums. Write down the names of the band members, spelling their names correctly, along with which instruments they play.

Who did you see? Was it too big or too small? Did you dig the show? Read fan sites to get examples of typical set lists for the tour to have an idea what songs you may expect at the show.

Let these five simple steps inspire you, and you will have written your first concert review before you know it. Some of these pay for publication while others do not, but they may help arrange a press pass for free entry to the concert.

Did people keep bumping into you and just being all-around dicks?


Putting It All Together Sum up the experience in the first sentence or two, writing the name of the band and its tour or concert name, whether any other acts played and where the concert took place. References Duke University Writing Studio: With that said, we would love to read reviews from the shows you have gone to.

Take Notes Once the show begins, take notes, jotting down each song played and key factors about it, such as an emotional moment when the singer breaks down during a ballad or a guitarist kicking over the cymbal stand.

Concert Review About the Author Kathy Adams is an award-winning journalist and freelance writer who traveled the world handling numerous duties for music artists.

What made you want to see them live? What stood out to you and became your highlight of the night? As you hone your reviewing skills, read concert reviews in larger publications, getting a feel for writing that excites and captures the spirit of the show.

Reading good writing helps influence your own writing. She enjoys exploring foreign locales and hiking off the beaten path stateside, snapping pics of wildlife and nature instead of selfies. Were people dancing and having a good time, or was everyone being a wallflower?Concert Review on Orchestra essaysI didn't walk into the symphony expecting to be impressed, however, I found myself enjoying some of it.

I've never heard the works of Johannes Brahms played by a live orchestra. The orchestra was very diverse. They had many ages and a decent range of instr. On the night of March 11,three bands and two vocal groups performed at "The Vocal Jazz and Combos Concert" at Diablo Valley College (DVC).

When I went to the concert, I sat in the middle of the concert hall so I had a good view of the performers and hear the music clearly. The venue was the /5(2). Writing a quality concert review comes down to paying attention, doing a little research in advance and listening objectively, even if the band doesn't play your favorite genre of music.

Music Appreciation Concert Review. Download. Music Appreciation Concert Review. Uploaded by. Tim jones. Music Timothy Sweeney Classical Concert Review On September 27,the New York Philharmonic had their gala opening for their st season with special guest Itzhak Perlman.

READ PAPER. Concert Review Paper On November 1,I had the pleasure of attending an indie pop concert by the band Two Door Cinema Club. The concert occurred on a. - Concert Review of Slipknot We arrived at the concert around sun set.

As we pulled up to the entrance, all I could see was a mass of humans. They scattered around the .

Concert review paper
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