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Marketing Place Overall Marketing Strategy Cathay Pacific Airways marketing strategy is focused in terms of market achievements, marketing strategy and positioning, advertising and promotion campaigns, product development, design and package as well as after-sales service, according to a press release from the Cathay Pacific Airways.

The Group offers scheduled cargo and passenger services to destinations around the world. It can also encourage word-of-mouth exposure that helps to build strong memory links Keller, The slogan want to convey messages is Wonder Air will provide wonderful service in the flight journey such as using premium seat let people more comfort because the airline seat always make people feel uncomfortable, even unexpected things like free meals or birthday gifts, the aims is make everyone trip become unique.

The rapid growth of world trade in goods and services and international direct investment have also contributed to growth in business travel. Other activities include airline catering, aircraft handling and engineering, provision of computerised reservation systems, ground and ramp handling, aircrew and financial services and property investment.

Scheduled airlines carried 1. To meet the requirements of their increasingly discerning customers, some airlines have to invest heavily in the quality of service that they offer, both on the ground and in the air. The new airline will consider market situations to launch long-haul flights to Europe or North America.

Pricing Strategy Price is among the most important brand equity benefits of building a strong brand, and consumer associations of perceived value are often an important factor in purchase decisions Keller, Wonder Air should better use this channel to build up the business and brand, such as mobile check-in, e-ticket, e-boarding pass, e-alerts, seats selection, instant communication, and so forth, let customers feel convenience and make process more easy, as well as helping to reduce cost.

Future Plan In the future, the company is planning to build and operate on their own cargo terminal at Hong Kong International Airport with an eventual planned annual capacity of five million tonnes. The services enable your cargo to reach destinations where Cathay Pacific does not fly directly. Wonder Air emphasizes environmentally friendly from cabin inside to outside but they do not lost the principle of low fares.

The logo can be a valuable way to identify who they are, and they are non-verbal, it can be easily adapted over time and transferable to different cultures. The fleet are using same livery and logo because unify image also can build the brand awareness.

To truly deliver on these expectations, we have developed a strategy with a view to embed best-in-class social and environmental practices across all our business operations. It was the heritage of the Cathay Pacific Group and their past safety record also is very well. Hong Kong will have a great opportunity in coming years.

Sustainable development

Based on above reasons, the budget market in Hong Kong has great potential. With the project completion, the LCCs except serves for local passenger, it can also attract the around areas and China southern cities resident travel to other countries.

The passenger often encounter situation is flight delay therefore the punctuality is play more important role. Salience A highly salient brand is one that has both depth and breadth of brand awareness Keller, Wonder Air will try to ensure that the flight take off on time to avoid cause inconvenience, and creating a reliable image to customers.

Since then, airlines have had to recognize the need for radical change to ensure their survival and prosperity. It is powerful branding devices and help to build brand awareness Keller, Slogan should never be longer than seven words while the logo should be clear, clean, attractive and memorable.

Brand Development Plan – Cathay Pacific

The name is hoping every passenger able to experience wondrous service even if the LCC also feel the quality is beyond the value.Mar 17,  · The Cathay Pacific airline business can also potentially include in its primary objectives the subsequent 3 elements: To create and manage a new regional air travel company striving particularly at connecting parts of Asia and Europe, via European and Asian hubs and global locations (Keller, ).

Brand Development Plan – Cathay Pacific. Filed Under: Term Papers. The new brand could cannibalize Cathay Pacific’s existing customer base, but the new carriers may also boost travel rather than just luring passengers from Cathay. As the whole market expands, the benefits will more than loss that is win-win situation.

The Essay. Brand Development Plan – Cathay Pacific Essay Sample. 1. Company Background Cathy Pacific Airways was founded init is an international airline based in Hong Kong, offering scheduled cargo and passenger services to. Cathay Pacific’s vision is simple – to be the world’s best airline.

Being the best means we strive to excel in everything we do. This includes putting the safety and well-being of our people and customers first, contributing to the communities we fly to and continually improving our environmental performance.

Brand Development Plan – Cathay Pacific Essay Sample

Cathay Pacific Cargo From its origins as a small regional freight operator established inCathay Pacific Airways has grown to become one of the world’s leading international air cargo Pacific’s cargo business currently accounts for around 30% of its annual revenues, and has helped to build Hong Kong into the.

Essay Pacific Brand Case Pacific Brands: Segmentation Australian Brasserie Consumers Q1. For this case, involving some exploratory research, Exhibit 12a and 12b show the segmentation and descriptor variables used to .

Brand development plan cathay pacific essay
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