An autobiography of lee iacocca

Mary Iacocca died on May 15, from diabetes. According to the laws, she should have been sent back to Italy. My father did take a trip to Lido Beach, but it was before the wedding, not after. From that day forward, all my energies were directed to doing just that.

They were divorced three years later.

Iacocca: An Autobiography

By the time they reached Ellis Island, she had lost all her hair. He was in love with America, and he pursued the American dream with all his might.

Career at Ford[ edit ] Iacocca was instrumental in the introduction of the Ford Mustang. Over 10 billion served. It provides an interactive means for users to rate presidential candidates by the qualities Iacocca believes they should possess: He soon moved east to Allentown, where he had another brother.

During his tenure with the company, Ford actually witnessed the best profitable years in the history of their car manufacturing, yet Henry Ford fired him just because of his own whims and fancies.

He continues to serve on the board of the foundation. D and in India, it still is way beyond my league.

Lee Iacocca

Iacocca joined Ford Motor Company in August By this time, my father had opened a hot-dog restaurant called the Orpheum Wiener House. Iacocca has been an advocate of "Nourish the Children", an initiative of Nu Skin Enterprises[26] since its inception in Whenever I wanted to ride a bike, I had to borrow one from a friend.

Eventually he built up a fleet of about thirty cars, mostly Fords. He not only spent the night in the showroom but slept inside the car, making sure that no one else gets it. My father set it up, and I put in the money.

He also invested in Branson Hills, a 1,acre housing development. On top of that, how Henry Ford actually ran the company like a private business, even after having five hundred thousand employees at one point of time. There my father went to work in a coal mine, but he hated it so much that he quit after one day.Iacocca: An Autobiography [Lee Iacocca, William Novak] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

He’s an American legend, a straight-shooting businessman who brought Chrysler back from the brink and in the process became a media celebrity4/5(). Iacocca: An Autobiography is Lee Iacocca's best selling autobiography, co-authored with William Novak and originally published in Most of the book is taken up with reminiscences of Iacocca's career in the car industry, first with the Ford Motor Company, then the Chrysler Corporation.

Lee Iacocca made a name for himself by saving Chrysler Corporation from the brink of bankruptcy in the late s and built it into a powerful and profitable firm in short time.

Management and manufacturing changes implemented by Iacocca resulted in a dramatic increase in Chrysler 's stock price and Iacocca 's ego. But Lee Iacocca didn’t get mad, he got even. He led a battle for Chrysler’s survival that made his name a symbol of integrity, know-how, and guts for millions of Americans.

In his classic hard-hitting style, he tells us how he changed the automobile industry in the s by creating the phenomenal Mustang.4/5(5). This book was great insight into auto leader great.

It had me briefly flirting with supporting trade protectionism with respect to US fiscal and monetary policy when I was a novice on the subject.

The concepts are not completely sound, but the book is an excellent autobiography on Lee Iacocca.4/5. Lido Anthony Iacocca, generally known as Lee Iacocca, was born to Italian immigrants Nicola and Antonietta in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on October 15, Iacocca suffered a serious bout of rheumatic fever as a child, and as a result he was found medically unfit for military service in World War II.

An autobiography of lee iacocca
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