An analysis of good deeds

Everyman Characters

After work, Lindsey discovers she has been evicted. Good-Deeds reminds him that three other companions will go part of the way: The pair ride across the countryside and stops by a pond, where they kiss. Discretion, Strength, and Beauty.

Lindsey again rejects him. Everyman tells him he is in deep sorrow because he has to make a journey. Asking Good-Deeds if his accounts are ready, Everyman prepares to start his pilgrimage. Everyman appeals directly to his favorite cousin, who says he would go willingly were it not for a cramp in his toe.

As the plane is taking off, he sees Lindsey and Ariel sitting across the aisle. Everyman is to make a long journey, and he is to take with him his full book of accounts.

Calling aloud to Good-Deeds, he asks again for help. They announce their split at their engagement party. Knowledge led him to Confession, who lived in the house of salvation, to ask for strength for Good-Deeds. Wesley struggles to expand the business while watching over Walter and developing a more complex love life with Natalie.

Everyman Summary

After Knowledge calls the new companions together, Everyman, now well fortified, sets out on his last journey. Everyman becomes ashamed of having sought unworthy companions.

When Wesley reveals he has always wanted to ride a motorcycle, Lindsey rents one. Knowledge says that their first stop must be to see the priest, who will give Everyman unction and ointment, for priests perform the seven unctions as intermediaries of God. Walter suggests to Wilimena that Wesley and Lindsey are having an affair.

Wilimena hints to Lindsey that Wesley would not stay with someone poorer for long. Lindsey returns to find her car towed and argues with the two men. Wesley also reveals he is quitting and traveling to see his old friends.

Good-Deeds already knows of the projected journey and wants to go along, but he is too weak to stir.Good Deeds is a American romantic drama film written, co-produced, directed by and starring Tyler Perry.

The film was released on February 24, It is the eleventh out of thirteen films directed by Perry in which he appears.

[citation needed Plot. The film opens with Wesley Deeds. Everyman learns that Good-Deeds has a sister, Knowledge, who will stay with him until Good-Deeds can regain strength.

Knowledge promptly offers to go with him and guide him in his great need. Good-Deeds is the personification of Everyman’s good deeds. She is weak when she is introduced, as Everyman’s sinful behavior has depleted her, but she becomes stronger and stronger as Everyman purges his sins.

One Good Deed a Day offers fun and simple ideas to help us enjoy life, appreciate ourselves, and make other people happy. It also gives us a few lines to record how we felt doing it. Some of it may be research-based, most of it probably isn't, but there is value in the exploratory process/5(51).

The Clueless study guide contains a biography of director Amy Heckerling, quiz questions, major themes, character descriptions, and a full summary and analysis. The movie Clueless is an adaption of. Doing good deeds just makes the community a better place, and the more good deeds people do, the better chance they have for good deeds to be done unto them.

Also, if one does a good deed, it can cause a ripple effect and inspire that person to do a good deed and so on and so forth.

An analysis of good deeds
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