A debate on affirmative action in higher education and why it should be put to an end

He also believed that compensating blacks and other minority groups for past discrimination with hiring quotas, numerical goals, and timetables, ought to be eliminated.

Placement goals also are used to measure progress toward achieving equal employment opportunity. Ironically, affirmative action is used to eliminate the effects of preferences enjoyed by some for more than three centuries.

The Court held that the plan passed the test because it did not require firing any white workers, nor did it create an "absolute bar" to white advancement. Two differing opinions were written in the Bakke case.

This plan required contractors doing business with the federal government to commit themselves to self-determined numerical goals for minorities. Housing; financial reserve; GDP; etc. Since a number of decisions based on prohibiting the perpetuation of the effects of discrimination came after the Griggs case, the Supreme Court held that those practices performed prior to the Civil Rights Act were not illegal.

Affirmative action policies lower standards and make students less accountable. In Paradise, the Court upheld a one-for-one promotion requirement i.

In JulyPresident Barack Obama amended Executive Order to add prohibitions against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Affirmative action in education has faced similar setbacks in the courts. In seeking to achieve its goals, an employer is never required to hire a person who does not have the qualifications needed to perform the job successfully.

OFCCP requires a contractor, as a condition of having a federal contract, to engage in a self-analysis for the purpose of discovering any barriers to equal employment opportunity. The laws have changed in this country to provide equal opportunity for all, but the problem is the mentality has not changed.

The Affirmative Action Debate The use of race as a factor in the college admissions process has been, and continues to be, a hotly debated topic.

Race-conscious affirmative action programs are subject to review under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act ofif practiced by private or public employers and unions, Title VI if practiced by state or private recipients of federal funds, and the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, if practiced by governmental agencies.

Duke Power Company case of When affirmative action is done right, it is flexible, it is fair, and it works…. Conclusion The debate over the need for, and type of, Affirmative Action practices continues today in the courts. Prior to the fall ofuniversities had not given racial nor ethnic integration a top priority in awarding admission to their learning institutions.

When an indefinite term debarment is imposed, the contractor may be reinstated as soon as it has demonstrated that the violations have been remedied. Inthe Nixon administration picked up a plan that the Johnson administration had put forth for the construction industry in the city of Philadelphia, referred to as the Philadelphia Plan.

Turn this argument Pro. It also set a precedent for outcome-oriented Affirmative Action policies.

Class-Based Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action Information Center The equal opportunity clause requires that the contractor will take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

In more recent history, President Bill Clinton signed a direct order on July 19,avowing support of affirmative action, stating that all Affirmative Action programs be reviewed by cabinet secretaries and agency officials to determine if they met four tests.

Minority representation in faculty, administrators, and governing boards do not match minority representation in the student body: But it also found "the wartime gains of Negro, Mexican-American and Jewish workers.

This is the first such amendment since gender sex was added in In support of Affirmative Action An example of the policiy succeeding is the improvement of schooling for minorities. By requiring corporations and contracting businesses to exercise special consideration for minorities and women in their hiring practices, the end result has sometimes been a less experienced or qualified workforce, resulting in a decreased ability to compete against less racially diverse corporations.

The story of Cedric Jennings Jr. Poverty rates are disparagingly higher in minorities. Pena case, Clinton stated that a program must be eliminated or reorganized if it: Numerical goals do not create guarantees for specific groups or preferences, nor are they designed to achieve proportional representation or equal results.

The standard is and has always been "good faith effort. By the time John F. A fixed-term debarment establishes a trial period during which a contractor can demonstrate its commitment and ability to establish personnel practices that are in compliance with the Executive Order.

In the Rehabilitation Act required federal agencies and contractors to take affirmative action in employment and promotion for people with disabilities.

Cases also may be referred to the Department of Justice for judicial enforcement of E. In many cases, however, with increased training opportunities, those less qualified have proven to become as effective as those more skilled.

About Affirmative Action, Diversity and Inclusion

So a middle ground was developed that would change an inequitable status quo gradually, but firmly, by building the pool of qualified applicants for college, for contracts, for jobs, and giving more people the chance to learn, work and earn.

Corporations continue to voice their concerns for overall effectiveness to compete against less racially diverse corporations.In the U.S.

Supreme Court handed down its most significant decisions in the area of affirmative action/diversity in higher education admissions since Bakke.

In Gratz v. Bollinger and Grutter v. Bollinger the Court addressed challenges to the University of Michigan’s undergraduate and law school admissions programs respectively. Con has not provided any tangible harms from affirmative action; one thing I personally dislike about affirmative action is that it does basically call itself out as a racist policy.

But it proves itself to be necessary. We look to the pro case for the problems in society, and the solution is ultimately affirmative action. Has affirmative action come to the end of its lifespan of effectiveness?

Christopher Edley, the White House assistant put in charge of President Clinton's review of affirmative action policy in ,affirmative action deserve their benefits.

Affirmative Action

The NatiAffirmative Action Ethnic killarney10mile.com: Affirmative Action Page Diversity. Affirmative action has created a reverse racism policy in the acceptance of students. Students should be accepted based on merit and capability only; race isn't a rational difference maker. The race portion of college applications should be removed.

Affirmative action ensures diversity on campus and in the workplace, to everyone’s benefit. Using preferences in college admissions, including athletic, legacy, and class-based preferences, is a deeply ingrained practice. Oct 17,  · Forbes Insights: AI To Finally Abolish Affirmative Action, All Americans Should Check The Minority Box And therein lies the fastest way to put an end to affirmative action without relying.

A debate on affirmative action in higher education and why it should be put to an end
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