A debate about the touchy subject of discipline in schools

Uniformity breeds conformity among students, which discourages their individual creative streak. While the opinions of the kids were mostly ignored, grownups had a lot to say about it. Pros Here are some of the arguments supporting the use of uniforms in school.

School Uniforms Debate If you have recently gotten sucked into the debate about school uniforms, this article will offer you a perspective on that matter. This leads to unnecessary distraction among school students and promotes external appearance as a necessary factor of acceptance in peer groups, which should not be the case, ideally.

Children in Uniform Focus Better on Studies Some promoters of the idea believe that students who wear uniforms show better academic performance.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of wearing uniforms, put forward by people who like the idea and those who are strongly against it. So, one of the benefits is freeing children from the clutches of conformism to fashion trends.

Imposing Uniformity May Encourage Rebellion When students are made to confirm to a uniform dress code and an absolute system of rules, the desire for rebellion against it is even more strengthened.

This also promotes the thought that not appearance, but performance is all that should set you apart. This led to a national debate, whereby people strongly voiced their opinions on this subject. The debate began when some educational institutions across the country started thinking of making it compulsory for every child to wear a uniform and some were forced to let go of that tradition.

Cons Here are some views that speak against uniforms. OpinionFront Staff What you wear, does influence how you feel about yourself, if you take the opinion of others into consideration.

Your child gets his first real world experiences, when he enters into school. As a combination of all the above factors, some believe that children in uniform adhere to a system more readily and do better in studies, due to lesser distractions.

School Uniforms Debate

Schools are microcosms of the real world, where they learn to develop and hone their skills. All these factors also lead to an improvement of discipline, followed in school. Academic Performance and Uniforms May Have No relation Many teachers and sociologists believe that there is no direct linking of wearing a uniform, with how a child performs at school.

Reduced Distractions and Better Discipline Having a uniform for school, makes it easier for teachers to identify students and catch intruders or runaway students. Their use also develops a sense of belonging to a school and a group feeling among them, promoting school spirit.Nov 28,  · The plan of Michael Gove, the education minister, to revamp how the subject is taught in high schools has led to a polarizing public debate.

Should teachers be teaching students the difference between right and wrong? 67% Say Yes 33% Say No Take, a touchy subject i know, but abortion I'm pro choice and in my opinion i think that is "right" but i also think pro life is also "right", but pro choice is "MORE right".

Teachers should not teach students the difference between. Which side of the fence are you on?Here you'll gain perspective from both sides about this touchy subject.

Email; Print; The Great Spanking Debate. Known for their strict discipline and devotion to excellence, the tendency for parents to lean toward a highly structured military school is quite common when seeking solutions for their teen's negative behavior.

The strong points of military schools in Charleston, Pornography is a touchy subject and there are many sides to any debate.

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A debate about the touchy subject of discipline in schools
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