A comparison between the ballistics of the 30 06 and 270

Only a huge amount of military testing would tell. Those of us on the Guns and Shooting Online staff are fortunate to own quite a number and variety of rifles that can legitimately be used to hunt deer.

5 Grendel: Why It’s My Favorite Cartridge

However, the Model SS is made largely of satin finished stainless steel, a more weather resistant material to be sure, and an advantage in inclement climates. Well, the essential questions are what sort of bullet are we discussing, at what impact velocity and against what sort of target?

Readers need to be aware of this point and not fall into the trap of concluding that the. For many years, performance was retarded by low velocities. The Swift range of bullets include theand grain Scirocco bullets along with theand grain A-Frame bullets.

Comparison of the AK-47 and M16

Taylor was attempting to counter this "scientific" kind of argument with a kind of scientific methodology. The Browning A-Bolt II is a smooth action with three equally spaced locking lugs and a bolt lift of only degrees.

The grain GMX is a tough bullet, adequately suitable for large bodied deer weighing between 80 and kg lb. I am trying to emphasize that those forces depend on the system; the motion of the balls depends on the microstructural makeup of the balls.

At that distance the Henry is plenty accurate. The Winchester Super-X grain Silvertip factory load for which this rifle is zeroed has an advertised MV of fps.

.30-06 Springfield

From experience, we know that very lightweight, small-bore ultra-velocity loads are poor performers against large game. For that reason we tend to favor moderate calibers and the lighter, handier rifles and our final scores reflect that bias.

.270 Winchester

The Hunter wore a Simmons Whitetail Classic 2. It also tends to get confused with the medical expression attending trauma. McDougall, Douglas Sidney Arundel.

The Featherweight is not a burden to carry on a long stalk and it is reasonably steady when it comes time to shoot. On lighter animals the Failsafe gives slow kills, even at close range, when shots strike behind the shoulder into the rear lungs. This particular rifle is sighted-in for the Remington Premium factory load using a grain Bonded Core-Lokt bullet.

Heimatbuch der Marktgemeinde Hirtenberg. In some instances, velocities of the grain Core-Lokt load can be as low as fps, just as I had found in the past. Being as slender an any other Model 94, it feels great in the hands.

Tactical considerations concerning penetration are a different matter entirely. The GK is much more forgiving at longer ranges.

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ammunition. It is no big feat to drop a large bovine in its tracks with one shot to the neck or head, using Barnes style bullets.

Bibliography of books on Cartridges or Ammunition

As an all-round medium game bullet for the.Chuck Hawks selects rifle hunting cartridges for every caliber and category.

Jul 20,  · I was recently comparing IMR load data between the and win mag and noticed that, according to the hodgens reloading center, there is. Oct 04,  · Yea, the bullets for do not have as high of BC as do the 6mms, 's.

7mms, 30 cal, 's Long range begins at/or past yards, the BC of for the will really start to walk away from the BC of the as the distance increases. There is only one way to give a comparison. Parallel existences. Gunwerks rifle systems are very good and reasonably priced for the material and workmanship that goes into each package.

Dec 09,  · I have a gun I recently acquired. It is a Browning BAR made in Can anyone give me some ideas on starting to reload for this gun?

Gun Review: Gunwerks LR-1000 System

The two most common assault rifles in the world are the Soviet AK and the American M These Cold War-era rifles have been used in conflicts both large and small since the s. They are used by military, police, security forces, revolutionaries, terrorists, criminals and civilians alike and will most likely continue to be used for decades to come.

A comparison between the ballistics of the 30 06 and 270
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